Trauma Kits

Today, Officers from the Decatur County Sheriff’s Dept., Greensburg Police Department, Westport Police Department, and the St. Paul Police Department received trauma kits and attended training to deploy the kits.  The kits provide tools for self-aid and buddy-aid, and are intended to be used when seconds count.

These kits were made possible with donations and funding from the public and local businesses.  The Decatur County Prosecutor’s Office also made a large donation to fund the kits.  The Decatur County Memorial Hospital, Eskenazi Hospital, Stat Flight, and Lifeline all contributed supplies for the kits.

Kits include a tourniquet, Israeli bandage, OP airway,  Gauze pads, tape, and medical scissors.

All Officers serving in Decatur County will receive kits.  This includes members of the Decatur County Sheriff’s Department, Greensburg Police Department, St. Paul Police Department, New Point Police Department, Westport Police Department, Indiana State Police, and the Department of Natural Resources (Conservation Officer).

Training was presented by Chuck Ford, Director of EMS for Eskenazi Hospital, in Indianapolis, and Emergency Medical Physician Amanda Clouse from Eskenazi Hospital.

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